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The beatmaker’s job

beatmaker programmi

What’s the beat maker’s job?

The beat maker is the music producer that makes the instrumental for the rapper. How, with what gear ? The answer is written in this website: methods, motivations, equipment, tips ‘n tricks for beginners and experts.

There’s a huge amount of beat makers and music producers around: from sampled based beatmakers to synth based ones. All have a main goal: produce a Beat that fits an Artist / Rapper. Not “the” best beat.. But a Beat that fits someone that he has in mind. His job is to tailor an instrumental around the personality, qualities of the artist that wil later on record over it. Further more, the beatmaker’s job is to re-arrange, edit, change, spice up the original instrumental in order to make it sound as if the song is, in fact, a song.. Not a “rap” on top of a “beat” – which is what happens with Mixtapes nowadays.

Beginner’s software for Beat Makers

On the market there is a huge amound of softwares for beatmaking purposes: either made for beatmaking, or used as beatmaking tools. Here’s a short list of the most known and commonly used.


  • Dubturbo
  • Magix Music Maker
  • Sony Acid
  • Beat Maker
  • FL Studio
  • Reason


  • FL Studio
  • Reason/Record
  • Reaper
  • Nuendo
  • Geist
  • Logic
  • ProTools
  • Cubase
  • Ableton
  • Digital Performer

Why are FL & Reason in both categories ?

The answer is really simple: both of them are very basic and intuitive for beatmakers compared to harder to learn ones like ProTools and Logic, BUT, both CAN be used for professional purposes.

What’s the best software for Beat Makers ?

There are so many forums online with this debate. The reality, is that there’s not a “best” production tool for beatmaking. ProTools is the standard in professiona studios, but there are so many cases of worldwide known and respected producers that use Fruity Loops, for example. The “best” software it’s the one that you like the most and that you feel the best using: it can be Reason or Logic, or Dubturbo. As long as you can make a hot rap beat out of it, well, you’ve find the best software for beatmakers.

Follow our website and feel free to browse around to find reviews, point of views, videos and much more on all you need in your journey to become a better hip hop producer.


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